Interesting facts about the Hawaii State Government

The US federal government is the role model to the state government of Hawaii. The Hawaii State Government is also influenced to some extent by the kingdom era of the Hawaiian history. According to the Constitution of Hawaii states, there are three branches of the state government: executive, legislative and judicial.

The hierarchical structure of the Hawaii State Government

The Governor of Hawaii is the head of the executive branch and is assisted by the Lieutenant Governor of Hawaii. The Governor is elected through state wide polls and thereafter he appoints other administrators and judges. The lieutenant governor also holds the post of the Secretary of State of Hawaii. Both the governor and lieutenant governor control the entire state from their respective offices at the Hawaii State Capitol.

The Hawaii State Supreme Court forms the apex of the state legislative body. The lower courts of the legislative structure are organized under the Hawaii State Judiciary. The legislative body comprises twenty-five members of the Hawaii Senate and the fifty-one members of the Hawaii House of Representatives. The President of the Senate leads the Hawaii Senate while the Speaker of the House leads the Hawaii House of Representatives. The legislative body is also headquartered at the Hawaii State Capitol.

Members of the Hawaii government in US Congress

A delegation of four members represents the state in the United States Congress. These four members are the senior and junior United States Senators who represent Hawaii's 1st congressional district and 2nd congressional district. The President of the United States has also appointed several Hawaiian representatives to govern other federal departments and agencies.

The present President of the United States of America, Barack Obama, is the first native of Honolulu to become the president. Hawaii has participated in 12 presidential elections, and barring 1972 and 1984, it has supported only the democratic candidates.

Locations of the Hawaii Local Government Offices

The Prince Kuhio Federal Building is host to several federal government agencies, such as the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Internal Revenue Service and the United States Secret Service. The United States Attorney for the District of Hawaii is also housed in the Prince Kuhio Federal Building. Candidates from the Democratic Party of Hawaii and the Hawaii Republican Party are elected to administer federal and state government offices.

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