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Oahu Restaurants - Savor the Culinary Delights

Vacationing on one of the most beautiful islands in Hawaii can be a thrilling experience in every sense of the term. Oahu is stunning in its natural beauty- it has the best of both beaches as well as mountain ranges. And what's more, the restaurants in Oahu offer a varied and eclectic mix of cuisines to satisfy your culinary senses.

They cater to an extensive range of people and have almost every kind of food you would want to savor. In fact, if you don’t try out some of these eateries in Oahu, your experience of the island will never be complete. Since there are a staggering number of restaurants in Oahu, you might find it difficult to pick the right ones, especially if it is your first visit to the island. Here are a few suggestions to help you get started.

Hawaiian Cuisine - Oahu Restaurants

It is inevitable that you would want to try out the traditional island fare while in Oahu. There are eateries around every street corner that offer typical Hawaiian food. However, if you want to get a taste of the very best, try out Alan Wong's Restaurant in Manoa Valley. Alan Wong is one of the most sought-after chefs in Hawaii, and his restaurant offers a menu that is irresistible. The fresh seafood of the island is prepared with Asian flavors of garlic, sweet-and-sour, wasabi, and lemongrass. The hot favorites here are the California roll, day-boat scallops, opihi shooters, and fresh-fish dishes.

Ola at Turtle Bay Resort specializes in seafood and island style cuisine. Headed by Chef Fred DeAngelo, this restaurant is known for using the freshest island produce. Try out the Lawai'a fishermen's stew, the slow-poached togarashi salmon, the kiawe-smoked beef tenderloin, or any of the other fresh fish preparations, and you can rest assured that it'll be a taste you will carry with you long after you've left the island.

If you want to sample some of the traditional Hawaiian dishes, Lucy's Grill 'n Bar is one of the best places to go to. Located in Kailua, this restaurant serves delicious Szechuan-spiced jumbo tiger prawns with penne pasta and black bean cream, and lemongrass-crusted scallops with Thai curry. The dark chocolate soufflé cake, crème brûlée, and apple crisp are particularly mouthwatering. Some of the other Oahu restaurants specializing in Hawaiian food are the Don Ho's Island Grill in the Aloha Tower Marketplace, the Hula Grill Waikiki on the Waikiki Beach, Sam Choy's Breakfast, Lunch, Crab & Big Aloha Brewery, Willows, The Pineapple Room, and Prince Court.

Continental Cuisine - Oahu Restaurants

Oahu's restaurants have some incredible continental cuisine on offer. Bali By the Sea, in Waikiki, is by far the best when it comes to continental fare. A stunning view of the ocean and the soft strains of the piano welcome you to this beach restaurant which blends the continental taste with cooking styles of the island. The Bali trio, which combines lemongrass prawns and grilled filet mignon with the signature opakapaka (pink snapper), is extremely popular here. There are also a variety of seafood dishes and delectable desserts. Those with a taste for Italian food should find time out to visit Arancino in Waikiki, Assaggio on the windward coast and in Ala Moana, and Buon Amici in Kaimuki/Kapahulu. Arancino has great pizzas, pastas, rock-salt focaccia, and scrumptious red-pepper salsa, while Assaggio's homemade hot antipasto and seafood pastas are hot favorites.

Buon Amici has a very quaint, charming beach-town feel to it and serves some amazing homemade pastas, organic, creative salads, delicious meat dishes, and appetizers. On the other hand, Sarento's Top is known for its stellar Greek salad, the opakapaka Portofino, and the seafood fra diavolo. And if you want to get a taste of exotic Italian fare, try the Vino Italian Tapas and Wine Bar. Featuring some brilliant creations of the chef Tom Selman, this restaurant offers the best of ravioli preparations. While you are here, don’t miss out on the signature dishes like tender crispy calamari, petite osso buco, house-made gnocchi, roasted peppers with grilled focaccia, and seared foie gras. The amazing array of wines is another thing to look forward to. French cuisine is also available at a host of Oahu restaurants including the Chef Mavro Restaurant, Cassis Honolulu, Duc's Bistro, and La Mer. Duc's Bistro has great seafood spring rolls and rice noodles with julienned vegetables, fresh herbs, and lime dressing, while the house-smoked duck, and Hamakua mushroom risotto in Cassis Honolulu are worth tucking into.

To get a taste of classy French food, walk in to the Chef Mavro Restaurant. Run by the 2003 winner of the James Beard award for Best Chef, George Mavrothalassitis, this restaurant is the only AAA Four-Diamond eatery in Hawaii. From his award-winning onaga baked in Hawaiian-salt crust, to new creations like the Hawaiian/ Marseilles bouillabaisse, and Keahole lobster in Asian broth, all the dishes here are a food lover's delight. However, the fine dining experience promised by La Mer remains unsurpassed. Hawaii's only AAA Five-Diamond restaurant offers elegant soups, fresh fish fillets, special nine-course tasting menus, and an extensive wine list to choose from.

Oahu Restaurants - Chinese and Japanese Cuisine

A very popular cuisine the world over, you can enjoy Chinese dishes even on the beach of Waikiki. The Golden Dragon features a special nine-course Lotus Dinner which has some of the finest Chinese cooking you will ever sample. Also try the lobster tail stir-fry with curry sauce, and the beggar's chicken which has to be ordered a day in advance. For typical Japanese fare, you can give Jimbo's Restaurant, and Akasaka a go. These places have some awesome seafood preparations like scallop rolls with soft-shell crab, hamachi and flying-fish roe, house-made noodles, and broths.

If you are keen on experimenting with sushi, plan your lunch or dinner at the Sansei Seafood Restaurant & Sushi Bar. This is one of Maui's most celebrated restaurants with its excellent sushi and fusion cooking. The Sansei special sushi, mango crab salad hand roll, Asian rock shrimp cake, and fresh yellowtail sushi are particularly sought-after. Another elegant sushi restaurant in Oahu is the Sushi Sasabune. Although a tad expensive, this journey into new sensations and tastes is sure to leave you spellbound.

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