Oahu Weather Makes It Perfect for Vacationing Any Time!

Weather in Oahu Hawaii is very pleasing

Teamed with the tropical Oahu weather all year round; the balmy ocean breeze, dry climate and low humidity draw more and more visitors each year to the Hawaiian Islands.

Oahu is among the most visited vacation 'hot' spots around the world. Affordable flights, sun, sand, mountains, waterfalls, outdoor recreation activities galore, and amazing weather makes this tropical paradise irresistible. Let's find out more about the weather conditions of Oahu.

Oahu Weather Year Round

The most surprising aspect of the weather in Oahu is that even though the Hawaiian Island is surrounded by the ocean on all sides, the humidity levels are astonishingly low. This is experienced throughout the year especially on the warmer sections of the island. The northeast of the island is cooler, and with low temperature you will find more rain and higher humidity. Oahu has an average temperature of seventy to eighty five degrees year-round. The southwest region of Oahu is drier and warmer than the other areas. So any time of the year would be ideal to visit this beautiful place. However, the winter months might be rainy and cooler. If you are used to high temperatures keep this in mind.

Summer Weather in Oahu Hawaii

With temperature rising to mid-90s during the summer months you would want to dress light and drink plenty of water to keep yourself hydrated. Sunscreen is a must throughout the year and especially in summer when the sun's rays are harshest. Enjoy the gentle trade winds on the northeast shores where the rainfall is low. Bushfires are not uncommon in the southwest of the Hawaiian Islands. Adventure sports including mountain biking, surfing, sailing, snorkeling, kayaking, and hiking are some of the most popular activities undertaken during the summer months.

The 'Wet' Oahu Weather Season

November heralds the rains in Oahu. However, the monsoons are light and they don't really affect vacationers much. In fact, the 'liquid sunshine' or passing showers enhance the beauty of the mesmerizing mountainsides of Oahu. Expect plenty of rainbows here. Right from December to March the vacationing season is at its peak. Rates get higher during this busy season as tourists flock the Hawaiian Islands. If you are hiking on the mountains or parasailing you can experience the mist getting thicker as you rise in altitude.

Waves in Winter

Oahu weather is pleasant and it gets a tad cooler during the winter months. Underwater features are at their best all through the year as snorkeling, diving, and other water activities are immensely enjoyed by everyone. During December and January when the strong trade winds blow and the temperature of the ocean changes, you will find a surfing frenzy as thousands set out to ride the huge waves. In Oahu's North Shore area you can find waves up to 50 feet high! Other than the winter months the waters are relatively calmer at the North Shore.

No Weather Worries

Even though Hawaii vulnerably located on the Pacific, this island is spared by storms, hurricanes, and typhoons. Oahu weather is calm as most of the typhoons bypass the island and head for the East Asian and Japanese coasts. Mexico and California are targeted by hurricanes that don't even look in the Hawaiian direction. The occasional typhoon or hurricane hits perhaps once in seven years or so. Even then, the damages are insignificant. In 1992 a devastating cyclone hit Oahu and Kaua'I and this was the last time the island experienced such wrath of nature.

Oahu Hawaii Weather - Average Relative Humidity

  Lihue, Kauai Honolulu, Oahu Hilo, Big Island
January 77.5% 77.2% 78.0%
February 76.2% 74.5% 77.5%
March 75.8% 69.0% 78.8%
April 75.5% 67.8% 79.8%
May 74.8% 66.0% 77.0%
June 74.0% 64.8% 77.8%
July 74.0% 65.0% 79.8%
August 74.5% 66.0% 80.2%
September 74.5% 65.5% 77.2%
October 76.5% 67.0% 77.8%
November 77.5% 71.0% 81.0%
December 77.0% 73.5% 79.5%

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