Weather in Hawaii is perfect for vacations

The weather in Hawaii is favorable for vacations throughout the year. Hawaii boasts of consistent weather patterns. The region mostly enjoys a tropical climate. There are hardly any major variations in temperature.

There basically two seasons in Hawaii: Hawaiian Kau (summer) and Ho’oilo (winter). Hawaii experiences summer from May to October, while winter lasts from November to April. Nights in Hawaii are cooler than the days.

The Hawaiian weather is unique. There are weather differences at various elevations which have helped in the preservation of a variety of flora and fauna in the region. Don’t be surprised if you find a tropical rain forest in close proximity to the sunny beaches, or cool alpine regions just a few feet above arid deserts. All these add to the unique beauty of the Hawaiian Islands.

Weather in Hawaii throughout the year

January is the coolest month in the region. The average high temperature during this month is around 80 degrees Fahrenheit, while the average low temperature is 63 degrees Fahrenheit. Outdoor activities like swimming, playing golf become more enjoyable in this weather.

February is the best time to visit Hawaii. A pleasant weather prevails all through the Hawaiian Islands. March is the best time to surf in the ocean. The sun shines brightly during the day, but nights are quite cool. By April the Hawaiian weather starts warming and is occasionally a little wet as well. During this month the average precipitation is 12.54 inches. May is a slower month for tourism but nevertheless the Hawaii weather is pleasant enough for relaxing on the beach.

From June to October the weather in Hawaii is quite warm and gets hotter if there are no trade winds blowing. Occasional rains occur during this time but Hawaii does not experience heavy rainfall. July is the hottest month of the year in Hawaii. The month of December is quite cool and pleasant. Rainfall in Hawaii is quite frequent, though it is very mild and never heavy. You may often find a rainbow adorning the sky. Rainfall is more common during the winter seasons than during summer time.

Hawaii Weather - Trade winds

Trade winds are quite common in Hawaii. The prevailing winds blow from east to west over the mainland. On the other hand, in the mountainous areas the windward side of the mountains prevents the moist air from the Pacific to move to the leeward side. Hence, the windward sides of the mountains are cooler and wetter than the leeward side. However, the weather in Hawaii is perfect for vacations, throughout the year.

Hawaii Weather - Average Relative Humidity

  Lihue, Kauai Honolulu, Oahu Hilo, Big Island
January 77.5% 77.2% 78.0%
February 76.2% 74.5% 77.5%
March 75.8% 69.0% 78.8%
April 75.5% 67.8% 79.8%
May 74.8% 66.0% 77.0%
June 74.0% 64.8% 77.8%
July 74.0% 65.0% 79.8%
August 74.5% 66.0% 80.2%
September 74.5% 65.5% 77.2%
October 76.5% 67.0% 77.8%
November 77.5% 71.0% 81.0%
December 77.0% 73.5% 79.5%

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